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Bamboo Doodlez All in One Diaper Review and *Discount Code*

Bamboo Doodlez AIO by Monkey Doodlez
I have always wanted to try bamboo diapers and I finally got the chance to do it thanks to Monkey Doodlez.  I was a bit nervous after I received my Bamboo Doodlez AIO diaper to review as I have never used a cloth diaper on my son overnight. As he is getting older he is sleeping longer stretches of time, which is great for us, but he is also a very heavy wetter and wearing regular microfiber/cotton diapers is not really an option for 9-10 hours straight.

This is the first and only AIO (All in One) diaper I have ever used and I like the fact that it was very easy to use. The core of the diaper is 100% cotton and it is topped with a blend of bamboo and polyester microfleece. I loved how the microfleece is very soft and stays soft and pill free after several washes.

Inside of the Bamboo Doodlez AIO
Before testing it for the first time I gave it a couple of washes with Rockin Green Detergent, the same one I use for all my other diapers, after that I was ready to try it on my son.

He wore it all night without a change (about 8 hours total) and I am happy to say that we had NO leaks.  I checked his diaper right after he woke up and even though his diaper was very very heavy, his skin felt dry and his pajamas were dry.  I continued using it for a couple of more nights with the same results. I must say we have found our right night time diaper. 

My son wearing his Bamboo Doodlez AIO before bed
He is wearing the Medium Long Size

Something else I really like about this diaper is the easy to use laundry tabs. I have used other diapers that have the hook and loop system and it never really worked as it was supposed to. These laundry tabs stay close during the laundering process.

Easy to use laundry tabs
The laundry tabs stay closed

I would recommend this diaper to anybody with a heavy wetter. It is very easy to use and it is a great option for people wanting to begin cloth diapering.

Monkey Doodlez has generously provided a 15% discount code for all my readers valid on the purchase of their products on their website  The following discount code is valid until April 19th, 2011 so make sure to use it before then.
DISCOUNT CODE: smilemonkey15 


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