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Top signs that your baby is ready to start eating solid foods

Have you been wondering if your little one is ready to start eating solid foods? I have put together a list of signs that will help you determine if your baby is ready to start solids.

I used them to figure out when I was supposed to start solid foods with my son.  Be sure to also ask your pediatrician if you are unsure or if you have any questions regarding the cons and pros of introducing solid foods. 

Your baby might be ready to start solids when he/she:

-Is between 4-6 months of age 

-Sits up with some support and holds head up unassisted 

-Shows interest in your food when he/she sees you eating

-Can swallow food without pushing it out with his/her tongue (loss of tongue-thrust reflex)

-Has double her/his birth weight

-Lets you know when she/he is full

-Can grasp or hold toys and other objects

-Is willing to chew

Note: Once you have successfully introduced solids to your baby it is very important to remember that even though solid foods will slowly replace some of your baby's milk feeds, breast milk or formula will remain as his/her most important source of nutrition until he/she reaches one year of age.

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  1. What great tips! I knew my son was ready when he watched every move we made as we ate....hilarious!


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